Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Warning: May Cause Death - The Letter "Y"

How many letters are in the alphabet? Most people would say 26 but I think there are only 25. In school, they teach you about the letter "y" and how it can be both used as a constant and vowel. Well in my opinion it should not be a letter at all if it cannot choose what kind it wants to be!

Ok... maybe it is useful but a confusing little letter. Without it we could not eat yams or go to New York.

Maybe it'll make up its mind soon and stop being so fussy and choose. Hope it decides to be a vowel (vowels are V.I.P.)...


Mikedaman0021 said...

Is this, perhaps.. the death of.. the letter y ? Is it yet, a letter? a consanant? or yet a vowel? can it really by all 3 or a combo?

hmm, i wonder


- Mike


Anonymous said...

Can't wait until your next post. Your very interesting person :)

Anonymous said...

ur rite that letter should make up its mind....we don't have all day for it to lolligag between the two


chelsea69 said...

yea well the letter should definitely be a vowel. there's only a couple so why not be in a small group :] lol

Anonymous said...

thats so kool never thought of it like that u should be a teacher lolz