Monday, June 30, 2008

Digg'n in the Dictionary - parenthetical (#1)

Parenthetical is my first word in Digg'n in the Dictionary found on page 1047 of my dictionary.

Parenthetical as stated in the dictionary is "of or having the nature of parenthesis"

So...(we could not do this without it!!!) Being (parenthetical) is having something in parenthesis so (parenthetical) is in parenthesis in this sentence.

Parenthesis are very useful; without them we would be living life without interjects (how strange) because parenthesis are also used to interject stuff like I did with how strange.

So...make sure you use parenthesis today and I hoped you enjoyed my teaching of parentheticalology (oh yeah, if thats even a word, if its not it should be!).

Addition: And how could you make smilies on the computer without parenthesis! :)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

About Digg'n in the Dictionary

I'm going to be starting a new series called "Digg'n in the Dictionary".

"What is Digg'n in the Dictionary?" you may ask. Well I am going to take my Webster's New World College Dictionary [Legal Stuff: © 2004 by Wiley Publishing, Inc. Cleveland, Ohio] and open it up to a random page with my eyes closed, and point to a word. That will be the Digg'n in the Dictionary Word of the Day... I hope that I can do this almost everyday...

Hope you all enjoy the Digg'n in the Dictionary Series

Rock'n Condiments - Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is a very useful and helpful condiment. It comes in many shapes, forms, sizes, and jars. Mayonnaise is commonly named “Mayo”. Mayo comes in many different varieties such as light, regular, reduced fat etcetera.

One very great thing about mayo is that many people do not realize that you can eat it by itself or on different foods, such as crackers and sandwiches. Everybody should be careful about how much mayo they consume because it clogs your main arteries and can kill you eventually.

Mayo is largely consumed all over the world, especially in the most obese country, the United States of America. As says, “Mayo is king in New Orleans, where they eat 2.4 times as much as anywhere else.” This is amazing! They eat twice as much mayo as anywhere else on the planet.

Mayo is also commonly found in fruit dips and put on potatoes. What would the world do without mayonnaise? Many people would detest for this to happen, a world without mayo would be like a world without a sun, unable to live and sustain life. I think this because mayonnaise is always being sold all over the world, which helps our economy, and many people use it every day of their lives.

There are many myths to curing a cold or anything. Many people do not know but mayonnaise can be used as a facial cleanser, to reduce sunburn pain, or even used as a lubricant to get off tight rings and other tight objects that are stuck or not easy to move. According to Reader’s Digest, mayo is now being used to condition hair. In a recent article, Reader’s Digest says “Hold the mayo... and massage it into your hair and scalp just as you would any fine conditioner!”

People do not realize how useful a condiment can be. They are not there just to eat, but as presented above, they have many different uses in addition to the most common one.

Submitted with randomness,

About Rock'n Condiments

My very first series is named "Rock'n Condiments"... How did you come up with this you may ask?

Well... being my random self... during a discussion my mom and my brother was having about writing a paper, my brother challenged me to right a paper (at least 250 words) about something hard... and I chose Mayonnaise... I soon found out when writing my paper on Mayonnaise that there are very amazing things - which you can read in my following post "Rock'n Condiments - Mayonnaise" - so I wanted to start a series about Condiments and how they rock!

Welcome to Random Awesome Stuff

Hello people on the Internet,

I'm Matthew and I love being totally random. Have you ever thought of the uses of condiments, the importance of colors, or how politically incorrect milk is? Well I have! I am going to keep you updated with the latest randomness of science, technology, food, animals, spoons, giraffes, and... just totally random stuff. I'm going to try to post daily, but it may turn out weekly. So tell all of your friends and random people you meet to visit my blog - or maybe its really our blog cause I'm going to involve you in random debates, polls, and quizzes - every so often because there will always be something new.

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