Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Useful Nouns - Oprah

Last night, I was watching Oprah - causes she inspirational! The whole show was about reasons people love Oprah. One dude on the show (David Letterman) - one of Oprah's best friends - told his top ten reasons he loved Oprah. The number one reason he loved Oprah was because she gave away a new house to everybody in the audience - how much more inspirational can you get? Another time, I watched Oprah she gave $100,000 to some random hobo - sorry to all the hobo's that can't afford the internet - or cable TV - dang-it! - they can't watch Oprah... How do they live?

Well anyways, on the show, they showed a picture of the Statue of Liberty and the dude photoshop'd it to be a giant Oprah of Liberty.

I think the Statue should be changed to Oprah's face 'cause she's the most inspirational person in the America! Why do thousands of people a day go see some statue of some random person that nobody knows? That's why it should be Oprah!

After her amazing show, I told my mom that she should quit her job and become and Oprah audience member for her new job. Sometimes, she would have a bad day by only getting a $800 grill, and on a good day she'd be getting a house. So... if you ever get fired and can't find a job go to Chicago - where Oprah lives!! - and go to her shows all the time to support yourself - great job, get to see Oprah a lot and get stuff for free.

Oprah, I love you...Can I be on your show sometime?

The reasons why I love Oprah are... She's inspirational, INSPIRATIONAL!!!


Mikedaman0021 said...

Hey, sounds great, I need to be an audience member too and get free stuff along a great no hassle job watching her show. haha

Anonymous said...

You're right... she's INSPIRATIONAL!!!

Anonymous said...

pretty la freaking awesome! i want some one to give me lots of money :]