Monday, July 28, 2008

Useful Nouns - Forks

Hey people who don't have llamas as pets - or if you do thats awesome!

Forks are very useful and can have up to four prongs on the end. I feel bad for all of those people out there that have three pronged forks 'cause they can't afford the extra luxury of a fourth prong. I'm glad homeless people get to experience the pleasure of four pronged forks because they give them at homeless centers. Anyways back to forks, you can use them to eat any kind of food - excluding liquidated ones. Plus a fork and a spoon - two of many utensils - can be combined to make a spork - or can it be called a "foroon" (I wonder). A fork can be a very loyal friend too that will never leave you literally empty handed at meals and will always be there for you. A fork adds an awesome touch to any kind of theme just hang it to a wall, or frame it - everyone will ask you about it. Plus, a fork is a great gift to give anyone for a birthday, x-mas, and so on.

Everybody out there find a fork buddy and chill with em'.


Anonymous said...

aha... i would definitely get my mom some nice forks for her upcoming birthday! lol jk
but they are handy :)

Anonymous said...

haha....forks are very useful. I spend my day talking about them sometimes since I sale kitchen cutlery for I have a few fork buddies LOL