Friday, July 4, 2008

Fantastic Foods - Cereal

Hey people! Cereal is one fantastic food! You eat it in many different ways, plain, with milk - maybe with water - or as a topping on other foods such as ice cream. Yum. I love to eat it with milk and do that all the time, and I hate when you get down to the last little bit and have to start fishing for cereal - that should be a sport cause it's really hard to do - just to get the last bite to eat.

Also, it's small and has a small whole in the middle - like a donut (thats another story) - so that means you can't choke if you swallow it whole like some people like to do. time your shopping with your parents and bored at the grocery store, I have something fun to do... Ask to go to the cereal aisle and (make sure you have tape with you first) open random boxes of cereal and start switching the plastic bags inside of them... then tape the box closed, so it looks unharmed. Then when people buy Lucky Charms it'll have some old people cereal in it like Fiber One.

Don't you hate all the commercials about after another geez. I get sick of seeing the they all say it'll help lower your cholesterol, but who cares? - nearly every type of cereal does it - making every cereal fantastically healthy.

So what do you eat for breakfast? If you didn't include cereal, your breakfast wasn't a nutritionally balanced breakfast... so tomorrow morning, be sure to add cereal to your breakfast meal.

Milk goes great with cereal!
Just eat it!


Anonymous said...

I had cereal for breakfast this morning!!!! And it was yummy! hahahah.....changing cereal bags is gonna be my new store hobby now.

Anonymous said...

i love cereal...i had Apple the indiana Jones was good!!!

Anonymous said...

lol holy crap im definitely going to dothat for now on :) switch cereal boxes and stuff :]
that is such a great idea!!