Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Random Acts of Randomness - Waving to Random People

Hey people! Being the random person that I am, I want to tell you about totally random things I do in real life! I wanted to see how people would react while I waved at them with two towels on my head on a busy street. Well, I'll let you know about a couple people that reacted randomly.

1. Elderly women on a bicycle - She was riding her bike and I was standing there waving at people. She actually talked to me! Since she saw my towels on my head she said "have a good time swimming" even though I was in the middle of the intersection near no water!

2. Women driving a car - She was driving on the road and then stopped to say "hi, do you need help" and I'm like " I like waving at random people" and then she says "thats awesome" and I said, "I know have a random day!"

Other people waved back, gave me the peace sign, or honked. Which was awesome.

Let me know how other people reaction to you waving at them randomly on the street...HONK!


Anonymous said...

i have also done some random things in my life..i sometimes talk to stangers.....they get really freaked out.
i don't know why...i guess im the only friendly kid left in this world!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha me and my brother used to play a game that was exactly like this.

We'd stand by the road and wave a people who drive by, and count up our reactions as different points.

Honks were worth 3, waves were 5, peace signs were 10, and then the middle finger was 20.
I actually got a lot of the last one when I would play xD

It gives you something to do in the summer when you're bored.

Anonymous said...

haha lol wow!!!!!!!!!!
hopefully you don't get shot one day :)