Thursday, July 3, 2008

Digg'n in the Dictionary - ilk (#4)

Ilk is my fourth word in Digg'n in the Dictionary found on page 710 of my dictionary.

Ilk as stated in the dictionary is "every; each, also".

I know what you may be thinking it's milk not ilk but ilk is really a word! Without the word ilk we could never be like "Hey ilk-body!" (say that next time you need to say everybody - haha - it'll be cool).

Also, whenever you order pizza they always ask you what you want on it. Well, why would you want to say peppers, extra cheese ect. Just say ilk, - they should know what it means :] and you'll get the works.

It's a very useful little word but not known to many people, so... spread the word to ilk-body.

PEACE! And may ilk-day be random!


Anonymous said...

random totally awesome stuff, dude!!!!!!!!!I love it!!!!!!! It rocks!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

this is the most random website ever.

Anonymous said...

I think ilk-body needs to visit this site.....maybe they'll be surfin the net and RANDOMLY find it!

Anonymous said...

i think this is a really cool stuff.and its awesome n i like it