Sunday, July 13, 2008

Random Acts of Randomness - Super Dogs

Today, I went swimming with two black labs! As you may be wondering "Can dogs swim?" Well yes, dogs swim in Florida. They can also do other amazing things, such as, playing freebies continually until they die, hunting random things like squirrels, and surfing - yes surfing.

If you ever go to the beach in Florida don't be surprised if you see lots of dogs in the water - even if they're surfing! Many people want their dogs to be surfers in Florida and there are many different classes for your dog. We in Florida believe if it can swim, it can surf. Yes, have a goldfish - we have lessons for it to learn how to swim... but don't be surprised when your fish doesn't learn how to surf, because they only have an attention span of about 4 seconds... so what was I talking about again...? Oh yeah, well dogs are awesome, and they love to swim and surf... so... yes, visit Florida this summer to see the Surf and Swim Dog Olympics, coming to a city in Florida near you!

I smell like dog! Just kidding... eggs and bacon rock!


Anonymous said...

Wow. That was really nice to read about =] I actually learned something like..dogs can surf in Florida and people wanting their dogs to surf there at the beach. It made me laugh too. And fishes?! wow. anyways, good randomness here =] I enjoyed this one so far but a lot to yet come. =D

Anonymous said...

wow lol dogs surfing :) thats too cool! thats actually really amazing to me since i dont live anywhere near there. but i did visit florida in april :] and p.s.... fish having lessons? awesome :)