Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rock'n Condiments - Ketchup

Ketchup is another very useful and helpful condiment.

It comes in different shades of red and bottle designs. Ketchup should have the nickname of "Ket" cause that would be totally awesome. I wonder if you could buy low-fat ketchup - check at your local store and find out! Many people have discovered new and exciting uses for ketchup!

According to Reader's Digest, ketchup is being used as a shampoo that helps to get rid of chlorine green from swimming in pools and other chlorinated liquids. So... next time you take a shower first condition your hair with mayonnaise then shampoo it with ketchup a great alternative for regularly used products.

Other uses include... washing stuff with it! Some of the best items it cleans are jewelry, pots and pans. You put on the ketchup then wash it and dry it immediately. So...why take your rings to a jewelry store to clean it when all they do is put ketchup on it.

What could we definitely not do without ketchup?

Well, in the good old days - which would not be so good without ketchup - nobody could ever get hurt in a movie cause after someone is hit with a car nothing would happen to them - that could only happen to superman! I wonder how many pounds of ketchup the world consumes in a year - hope its less than mayo! Well, I found one crazy young guy that ordered only a whole box full of restaurant sized packets of ketchup and he got it! Wow, that’s crazy!

Mhmm...anything else to do with it...yeah - if you have kids, they'll love this one. Well, instead of being a boring old parent - not that you are - be hip and cool, take you ketchup out of the cold fridge along with the finger paints - substitute the ketchup for red finger paint! You can make a masterpiece then dip popcorn onto the paper and have an awesome snack later.

Why do we put ketchup on foods that don't go great with tomatoes? Like popcorn, many people do it but it's not a great combo. Why do people have problems with eating tomatoes versus ketchup? Come on, there the same thing - give the tomato a chance - one is just mashed up for the elderly.

How many things can you do with ketchup? Let me know how many you can figure out!

Viva La Ketchup!


Anonymous said...

its likely essay

brandon said...

i like all this random stuff its funy

Anonymous said...

wow! I never knew ketchup was so important

Anonymous said...

well.... ketchup has a different taste...
a tomato is just a plain... fruit or veggie. idk but ketchup is smashed up and has ingredients added to it... ketchup is smashed tomatoes, vinegar, corn syrup, salt, onion stuff and a couple other things added to it? so its kinda like its own thing just tomatoes are one of the main ingredients :)