Thursday, May 20, 1999

Random Acts of Randomness - IB essay

I was planning to attend the IB essay except my family member in Ohio suddenly ended up it the hospital because of liver I'm in Ohio right now. I didn't want to stay and rue not be about able to see them so I don't really know when I'm coming back to Florida either.

My cousin currently at Creek told me what her topic was so I'm doing that one:

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? (It was something like that.)

In ten years, I see myself in prison - hopefully federal if I'm lucky. There are many benefits in prison like free shelter, food, and social time. I think that the IB program is a great way to prepare for the challenges of prision because your basically stuck there for four years in intensly insane difficult classes, except you get to go home. Even at home life is the same - rough (like it is in Alcatraz). By rough I mean work, stress, tension - you get the point. Then you get to do it all over again with no breaks at all. Everyday you go to perol officer to perol officer turning in your work and if you don't complete it they lecture you like crazy. My brother does not go to Creek and my cousin does. There both graduation at the top of there class with full scholarships and the same amount of college credits (my brother went to DSC - an actual college by the way!) My brother had a live, a job, and saw the sun everyday. My cousin has no life, no job, and got to see the sun on special occasions. There both in the same exact place but one "took the stairs" (cousin) and the other "took the elevator" (brother) which "smart" people would not take stairs. I'm not saying that IB isn't for everyone but it shouldn't be for most because you loose everything and when you have to choose a test over family you have SERIOUS issue you will rue later in life. My brother is here in Ohio with Aunt Sally and of course my cousin is choosing mid-terms over a dying member of the family. That's is digusting filth in all honesty - you can make up a test but can't make dead people come back alive. By the way the "B" word in IB means dead fish which is exactly what your making the kids become!!