Sunday, November 30, 2008

In the News...

Don't try this at home, or any other place without a trained professional. ;)

2 Days Ago this tragic event happened.

Eden Parker, the world's oldest woman died at a "young" age of 115 years and 220 days.
Born April 20th, 1893...thats 101 years before me!!
Coincidently, she was in the SAME nursing home as the gigantic 7 foot, 7 inch woman - are you sure one of her parents aren't a giraffe?

Back to the old woman, she is amazing and lived in three different centuries - anybody that lives over 110 years old is known as a supercentenarian (a endangered species of rasien only 89 known to be left on the entire Earth)

So...have your own mini tribute to Eden Parker.
She amazes me!

And here is an awesome picture of her:
Image: Edna Parker

Friday, November 28, 2008

First Video Blog

Hey people of the planet that is covered mostly with a giant blue thing, also known as water,

Here is the first of my video blogs.... hope you enjoy. And don't forget to play the moo game!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Random Acts of Randomness - Ticket Eating Old Dude

Hola! I wonder how they say "pigs" in Spanish. Moving on to the Ticket Eating Old Dude...

Well, I was at Publix (The pleasure of shopping.) and was getting provolone cheese ( the proviest!) Anyway, ya'll know those ticket things the deli peoples make you get that are all green and paperish, he had one. I guess got bored then ate it!!! Just sholved half of it in his mouth and bite. Yum Tasty?