Friday, July 25, 2008

Random Acts of Randomness - Christmas in July!

Hello people that are experiencing winter in the Southern Hemisphere and those in the Northern Hemisphere experiencing the heat of summer!

Well, today for the Northern Hemisphere...let it snow! Merry Christmas in July!

Today at our house we're celebrating Christmas in July! Yes, celebrating! We're doing it all...Christmas dinner - we're having spaghetti! - , Christmas tree - an awesome short one. -, presents - wrapped and lots of em'. - , baking cookies - yum! Hope I don't eat too many :P -, even Christmas towels in our bathroom! I told you my family is totally random we're having guests over for dinner and listening to Christmas music. Who knows we might even go Christmas caroling - Frosty the snowman is back!

How are all of you out there celebrating this day?


Anonymous said...

hey i hope u have fun with that
i wish my fam. would do somthing that kool well i hope its kewl

Mikedaman0021 said...

Wow! That's sweet, def random tho haha : )

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! you're going all out!!! Pretty cool....x-mas in July...hmmm...nice

Anonymous said...

i wish i had your family :)

they sound awesome!