Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fantastic Food - Pizza

Hey People, if it's Oprah Winfrey press 1, otherwise press 67.

There are many fantastic things you can do with pizza...and I want to let you know what some of them are. First off, you can put anything on pizza - including cereals of roundness. Pizza is one of the only foods that you can actually get delivered to your door - or window. To order it you must speak to a person on the phone - which its pretty fun to mess with them by telling them you want a shoe on the side or something bazaar like that. Anyways back to pizza, instead of decorating cookies at the fall festival at elementary school suggest that your school should decorate pizzas - 'cause its more fun and exciting (Who doesn't like sprinkles on pizza?). Plus, pizza is one of the foods you can eat with no utensil or with a fork buddy - I enjoy using forks! There are many ways to eat pizza - like an elderly person, or cut it up, etc. Let me think of the last strange yet random thing I did with pizza. Well...I didn't eat the whole thing and I didn't want to waste it so...I went to some people in the neighborhood and put a slice in a plastic bag then stuck it in their mailbox. I don't really know if they ever got it or the greedy mail lady did.

Anyone know if the letter "Y" is a vowel yet?

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Mikedaman0021 said...

Pretty great story, very creative and thoughtful. haha : )