Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Digg'n in the Dictionary - introrse (#3)

Introrse is my third word in Digg'n in the Dictionary found on page 750 of my dictionary.

Introrse as stated in the dictionary is "facing forward" or "in the center."

Right now your are introrsing.. your facing forward looking at your computer screen... probably in the center of the room your awesome!

We introrse all the time at school and anywhere really...(some people go crazy from introsephobia - it should be a phobia if it is not)

What would our lives be without introrsing? Well, we could never look at each other which would be horrible cause we could not face forward. Also, we could never walk into the center of something (like your bedroom - bet you love doing that).

Keep introrsing!


Anonymous said...

sweet :] it can really come in handy if you want to be facing friends or family members :] lol
good stuff

Anonymous said...

totally cool!!

Mikedaman0021 said...

probably in the center of the room your awesome! NOPE! I'm Not, almost ever, except maybe in homecoming with gilsss! w00t! :D