Sunday, July 20, 2008

Today Volunteering...

Location: Public Library
Date: July 12, 2008
Subject: Sabrina

Sabrina is always talking about random stuff 'cause she a bit senile and talks about whatever the book is about that she checks-in to the library - and sometimes drops it 'cause theres a spider on the cover.

Today Volunteering... I was getting a drink in the break room and I ran into Sabrina - an awesome 67 year old women and she was eating peanut butter straight out of the container - she carries it in her bag (you never know when you may want some peanut butter). As, I walked in she offered me some peanut butter and I said, "No, thanks." She went on to tell me how she never had peanut butter until she was 26 years old 'cause they don't sell peanut butter in England.

Note: The names of person(s) in this posting have been changed to protect the identifies of them. All person(s) are considered innocent until proven guilty in the court of randomness! Which is actually a good thing!


Anonymous said...

Wow, That was a bit funny and interesting =] awesome.

Mikedaman0021 said...

No peanut butter in England? That sucks. Poor Sabrina. Imagine no pbj for your whole life? dang!

lavoungaby said...

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