Saturday, August 2, 2008

Today Volunteering...

Location: Public Library
Date: August 2, 2008
Subject: Sabrina

Sabrina is always talking about random stuff 'cause she a bit senile and talks about whatever the book is about that she checks-in to the library - and sometimes drops it 'cause theres a spider on the cover.

Despite how busy we were due to the computers program not working for two hours, Sabrina was still lolly gaging and taking to book, as usual. In my county all our branch share stuff we own. Anyways, something from another branch was being checked in by Sabrina and the computer said "Return to CIT." so...Sabrina talked to the book and told him - or her - "You can go home now and be with the rest of the books at CIT." How strange? Does she have some special ability to talk to books or something? I wonder what they converse about.


Note: The names of person(s) in this posting have been changed to protect the identifies of them. All person(s) are considered innocent until proven guilty in the court of randomness! Which is actually a good thing!


Mikedaman0021 said...

MikedaMan0021 (2:36:42 PM): Sabrina talks to books?
MikedaMan0021 (2:36:43 PM): lol
RandomologyDude (2:36:52 PM): yea
MikedaMan0021 (2:36:57 PM): wow
MikedaMan0021 (2:36:59 PM): that fun?
MikedaMan0021 (2:37:00 PM): lol
RandomologyDude (2:37:24 PM): yeah i wonder if its hard for her to discard em' and let them go.

haha, that's great

Adventures working for a library, maybe you should write a book, lol.

Unknown said...

lol ew. tomatoes.

Anonymous said...

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