Friday, August 8, 2008

Politically (In)Correct - Hobos

Who doesn't like hobos? We make fun of homeless people but they can be the best of friends at times - if they don't want to con you out of a house. Anyways, they're great...and they happen to be politically incorrect. We are constantly degrading them as a "hobo" - I know this one dog thats name is "Bobo" so it's not that far off. Hobos cannot afford things that we all take for granted, cable TV, the internet, a house. Just walk up to some random hobo and give him/her a cell phone. Yes, a cell phone, you can do many things with it. All in one little device you can call people, go on the internet, watch television and much more. They would be very useful for hobos because they are very easy to carry around without a place to set it down. So...give the next hobo you meet your cell phone and stop degrading hobos. They're awesome!

Do you want some oatmeal?

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