Monday, August 4, 2008

Today at School... - School Excuses

Hey people that go to school...Today I was at my middle school picking up my schedule for my classes and getting other junk you need for the first day. Anyways, I was thinking to myself...Do I really want to waste another year sitting in a classroom when I'm so close to the beach? Eh nope so I came up a few diseases to get out of class that the school nurse won't know about and will definitely send me home or I won't even have to bother to go in the first place. Why not try them yourselves? Here's their names and symptoms:

1. Insignia - You wake up and have a headache, your stomach hurts, your hands are sweaty, your big toe is enlarged and you just don't feel right.

2. Electra - Your tongue is swollen and your throat is dry and you electrolytes are low so you must stay home and drink Pedia-light.

3. Epifani - You had continual nightmares throughout the night and caused you not to get any sleep, woke up in the morning with blurred vision and feeling dizzy and need to stay in bed for the day.

Make sure you space these excuses out because you don't want to have to get checked by the Infectious Diseases Department in your area.


Mikedaman0021 said...

Very nice, good way to skip out, lol

: )

Anonymous said...

Darn...too bad I didn't know about those diseases when I was in highschool...I wonder if they'll work in college???