Thursday, August 14, 2008

Digg'n in the Dictionary - normal (#10)

Normal is my tenth word in Digg'n in the Dictionary found on page 984 of my dictionary.

Normal as stated in the dictionary is "standard; conforming to, regular; free from mental illness."

Well what is considered "normal"?

I personally think nothing can be normal and how could such a word exist in a world with billions of people expressing themselves. I would rather be called anything else, but normal because I'm very random and don't like to conform to everyone else - do they rawr at people in the middle of where shopping is a pleasure? (Publix). Your probably wondering what that was all about so I'll tell you...I was waiting for a very long time to get lunch meat - I hate waiting - and we all had to take numbers and I was like number 89 and they were serving 81 so I just had to do something about this. Well, I "RAWR'd" very loudly and they waited on me very quickly to make sure I wouldn't make an episode. Back to normal, according to the dictionary very few people are normal with all of these psycho people in hospitals and psychiatrists with people telling them their issues. me get this word out of the dictionary and call Webster today.

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Anonymous said...

That story was pretty funny. I wander what the peeople around you where thinking.