Monday, June 30, 2008

Digg'n in the Dictionary - parenthetical (#1)

Parenthetical is my first word in Digg'n in the Dictionary found on page 1047 of my dictionary.

Parenthetical as stated in the dictionary is "of or having the nature of parenthesis"

So...(we could not do this without it!!!) Being (parenthetical) is having something in parenthesis so (parenthetical) is in parenthesis in this sentence.

Parenthesis are very useful; without them we would be living life without interjects (how strange) because parenthesis are also used to interject stuff like I did with how strange.

So...make sure you use parenthesis today and I hoped you enjoyed my teaching of parentheticalology (oh yeah, if thats even a word, if its not it should be!).

Addition: And how could you make smilies on the computer without parenthesis! :)


Anonymous said...

(This was cool)

randomawesomestuff said...

(yep... gotta love parenthesis)

Anonymous said...

this is totally awesome

Anonymous said...

lol wow thats really interesting! ill respect (parenthesis)more then usual now :]

Anonymous said...

sweet :]

Anonymous said...

Cool site...I'll be sure to tell ppl about it kk?

Anonymous said...

nice (parenthesis) who doesnt love those things? i'll tell more people about this cause i like it teehee !=)