Thursday, July 9, 2009

Random Acts of Randomness - Intoxicated Woman Babbling to ME!!!

So, I kept getting a local call from some cell phone number I didn't know. Sooo, I answered it thinking it might be finally OPRAH or BRITANY or a friend...but it was an elderly confused woman, or an intoxicated person. They just keep babbling things like "Get a job!" and "Where are you? I told you to be home by orange o sock...pudding makes me happy?" exactly like I just was saying you got the wrong number I SELL BANANAS not pudding there is a CLEAR difference between the two, one is yellow and hard and the other is liquidy and comes in different colors, i think, my anteater would know she survives off of it! ahaha! Anyway, she calls later when shes more sober and like leaves a LONG message about how she was sorry and blah blah blue. Just wanted to share this with ya'll. If you had an experience like this comment it! And check Random Awesome Stuff out on!

1 comment:

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